24hr Emergency Flood Restoration Service

 "Keith does a great job and came back to redo a spot. Nice people and a pleasure to interact with." -W R. (Yelp)

Carpet Cleaning Services


Van Mounted Steam extraction

Steam Extraction with van mounted equipment is the best method for carpet cleaning as most frequently recommended by carpet manufacturers. Our equipment is state-of-the-art with the most powerful extraction of soil from deep within the carpet fibers.

The temperature of our steam extraction rinse is over 200°F that provides sterilization.


Tile and grout cleaning

Bring back those beautiful entry ways or worn bathroom/kitchen areas. Tile and Grout cleaning require a high alkaline scrub. We scrub tile and grout lines with special brushes. Next, extraction is accomplished with a high pressure /high heat sealed – head tool eliminating any over-spray while cleaning.


Area Rugs

When cleaning your beautiful Area Rugs, we incorporate the low, low, low method standing for low heat, low alkalinity, low moisture.  This allows us to clean your valuable rugs without any damage resulting from burning the delicate fibers due to high alkalinity. This also eliminates the bleeding of fugitive dyes. We offer an economic way of cleaning your Area Rugs at your home.  Or, Area Rugs can be picked up and delivered by us.  If your Area Rugs are more heavily soiled, requiring extensive tassel cleaning, in most cases we recommend pick up and delivery.